Investor Relations

Whistle Blowing

ACROMEC is committed to high standards of corporate governance. As one of the elements of corporate governance, ACROMEC has in place a whistle-blowing policy which aims to:

  1. provide a trusted avenue for employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to report serious wrongdoing or concerns, particularly in relation to corruption, fraud and improprieties, without fear of reprisals when whistle-blowing in good faith; and
  2. ensure that robust arrangements are in place to facilitate independent investigation of the reported concern and for the appropriate follow up actions to be taken.

ACROMEC will not tolerate the harassment or victimisation of anyone reporting a genuine concern. No person should suffer reprisal as a result of reporting a genuine concern, even if they are mistaken. However, this assurance does not extend to any person who intentionally provides information in a report which they know or reasonably believe to be untrue.

You may report your concerns to the Audit Committee Chairman and Lead Independent Director, Mr. Yee Kit Hong ("Reporting Officer"), who is responsible for handling all reported cases and ensuring that issues raised are properly resolved. Accordingly, you may send your concerns to the following email or mailing address:

Mr. Yee Kit Hong
AC Chairman and Lead Independent Director
4 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, #04-04,
Singapore 417939

All concerns raised will be independently assessed by the Reporting Officer who will ensure that they are fairly and properly considered. Any person making a whistleblowing report will retain his/her anonymity unless he/she prefers otherwise. He/she will also be kept informed of who is handling the matter and the progress of the investigation.

All records will be retained and kept strictly confidential by the Reporting Officer.